Message To World Leaders


Standing here 

Under a shining sun

With my arms stretched open wide

Head held high

And heart upon my sleeve

I want to believe 

I want to believe 

That everything is going to be alright 

That this day's never gonna end 

That our children will not bend

To false mendings

I want to believe 

Standing here

Under a blue, blue sky 

I'm asking you why

Our trust had to die?

Your lies

Listening to lost voices

I want to believe 

It's gonna be alright 

That this day's 

Gonna end 

This child

Never has to cry 

Listening for the whisper 

I'm standing here

I'm all alone 

No one to phone 

No one's at home 

And I'm wondering

Here I stand

Under the smiling moon 

Looking at the stars 

I'm wondering...

Who you really are 

You've taken things 

Way too far

Yes, I'm wondering

The smile is gone

Your fixings


Your troubles

Burst the bubble

So much rubble

Makes me wonder...

Is it gonna be alright? 

Will this day

Ever end? 

Will this child 

Have to shed more tears?

I'm standing here

Waiting for answers

Before the hope is gone 

The love...

It vanishes

I need to believe 

It's gonna be alright 

That this day

Will end...

That our children

Shelter not: from skelter...

We want to believe 

That you believe

In change

"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

- American Indian Proverb